Key findings for parents

  • Leaders are exceptionally passionate about providing excellent outcomes for children. They are extremely reflective and proactive in identifying improvements and making changes to consistently raise the quality of the provision.

  • Children thrive in the Nursery, enjoying an abundance of exciting and challenging play and learning experiences. Staff give children time to be curious, inquisitive and work out things for themselves. This means that children develop a thirst for learning and are well prepared for their next stage in learning, including school.

  • The manager is highly supportive and ambitious to offer a high-quality service for children and their families. She uses her qualifications and experience to great effect to support staff and identify training needs, for example, to help staff support children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.

  • Staff are kind, caring and committed to their roles. They help children to settle extraordinarily quickly and they tailor learning to meet children's individual needs.

  • Children make rapid progress in their learning. Staff know the children remarkably well. They identify and close any gaps in children's development quickly, such as through individualised support, to help children excel towards the learning goals.

  • Superb partnerships, both with parents and other professionals, ensure that children's individual needs are recognised and given the utmost priority.